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If you're already further east from the coast, this is one of the epic places to visit in California. Muir Woods is a great place to explore some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in California, as well as some great hiking trails. If you are planning a road trip to the Sierra Nevada or the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to check out all the beautiful places you see. There are a number of incredible mountain ranges, and even a few in Yosemite National Park for your road trips.

Take a trip to Griffith Observatory, immerse yourself in incredible artistic stories, or take a detailed restaurant tour in Mountain View. Stroll through the Getty Centre, see where you can shop, eat, drink, shop and shop, and enjoy incredible views of Los Angeles from the top floor of this historic building.

You can also take BART to Millbrae Station, then take Caltrain south to San Francisco and then north to Mountain View. Take BART westbound from Santa Clara Valley Transit Center, catch a train from San Mateo County to Marin County, or take the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) east to Santa Cruz County. From San SF, take the BART north to Los Angeles County, then take the Caltrain north to Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland - San Diego, Santa Rosa, Palo Alto and San Leandro, then take the Cal train south back to your home in Mountain VIEW.

You can also use the VTA light rail to travel from Santa Clara to Sacramento on the Amtrak Capitol Corridor trains. Connect to Amtrak trains in Mountain View and then change trains at San Francisco Union Station to San Mateo County or Marin County. You can even take the Amtrak Capitol corridor trains from Sacramento to Santa Cruz County, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland - San Diego, Santa Rosa, Palo Alto and San Leandro from Mountain VIEW or from the San Clara Valley Transit Center at Millbrae Station to Marin City, Marin and Marin County. You can also use it to connect with an Amtrak Capitol Corridor train from Sacramento to Santa Clara, the Sacramento-Marin Metro Rail Line or the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

You can get to BART by taking the Caltrain from North Millbrae, which will take you south to San Jose, then take the bus to Berryessa BART Station and then north to Marin City, Marin and Marin County. You can also follow part of Route 66 through Mountain View, which is great if you're planning a long trip to the USA like this. CalTrain also offers a BART bus service and you can visit San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland - San Diego, Santa Rosa, Palo Alto and San Leandro from Mountain VIEW.

There are several Bay Area BikeShare stations in Mountain View, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Rosa and San Leandro. If you live, work or go to school in the District, we will host an annual Bike Share event at Mountain VIEW Community Center on Saturday, June 3.

There are three Bay Area BikeShare stations in Mountain View, with Downtown Mountain VIEW Station serving as the northern terminus, while the other three stations are Whisman, Middlefield and Bayshore at NASA.

Caltrain travels all the way from San Francisco to Gilroy and also stops at Mountain View, and Caltrain stops at the San Mateo County Transportation Center and Santa Clara Valley Transit Center. Local trains (limited stops) also serve the borders of Mountain VIEW and Palo Alto. The light rail has two stations in the city, one in downtown Mountain View and one at Bayshore Station, both in San Jose.

The city is also served by buses and light rail operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA), a regional transportation authority. MVGO is a free shuttle service that operates three routes that start and end at the Mountain View Community Shuttle Station on the north side of Mountain VIEW Mountain. View Boulevard. The Mountain View Shuttle, the only bus service in the San Mateo County Transportation Center, operates daily from 6: 30 a.m. to 7: 00 p.m. between Bayshore Station and the Palo Alto Transit Center. M. Mountainview Community Shuttle is independent of the vTA regional transit authority and has no fares.

Apple, for example, is headquartered in Cupertino, and many large local employers, including Apple, Adobe Systems, Google, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and others, operate shuttles that stop at the downtown Mountain View station.

Downtown Mountain View is the city's transit hub, connecting the San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo County and San Jose. Caltrain, the area's commuter train, connects Mountain View to neighboring cities such as Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Fremont, Santa Clara, Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Marin County and Santa Cruz. The nearest major airports are San Diego International Airport and Oakland - Marin Airport, both of which are connected by transit centers, as well as Oakland Airport.

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