Mountain View California Holiday Inn Hotel

Should you be top of your list of unique accommodations in Northern California, or should you be looking for a more unusual place to stay? Would a road trip on California Highway 1 be complete without a stop at the Mountain View California Holiday Inn Hotel? This place has been in the mountains for several years as part of their "Unique Places in Northern California" program.

Lake Springs RV Park is located on 950 acres of land at the foot of the Sierra Mountains and is known to be one of our best camping sites in California. The Cypress Inn in HalfMoon Bay, California, is located in a remote part of Half Moon Bay, California, tucked away in the woods and a popular weekend destination for many.

Whittier College in NC, 28789, is a great place to stay in the heart of bustling Los Angeles, just blocks from downtown and the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

This Gold Certified hotel offers easy access to Highway 101 and free shuttle service to SFO. It has connections to all major San Francisco Bay Area airports including San Diego, San Jose and Los Angeles. The hotel is located just blocks from the Chapel Hill Airport and the University of North Carolina.

The Mountain View California Holiday Inn Hotel, a Gold Certified hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of the best hotels in North Carolina and the second best hotel in California.

If you're looking for a romantic getaway or simply prefer your own space, cancel your trip by checking in to the Mountain View California Holiday Inn Hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other great ways to stay cheap are hotels in North Carolina and other parts of the country, such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Charlotte - Durham and Asheville. I-35 (e.g. Walnut Hill) may be your choice, but if you are looking for an affordable hotel with great views, great amenities and good food, look no further than the hotel with mountain views.

Staying here will make you stay in Malibu, Ventura or Ojai while staying from the coast of Los Angeles or Santa Barbara.

The Anniversary Inn has many themed rooms to try out, and depending on your perspective, you can see a variety of landscapes, from the mountains to the ocean and even the Pacific Ocean. I love Shaver Lake for its mountain views and it has many places to visit, including the San Bernardino National Forest, Sierra Nevada and Santa Barbara Mountains.

There are 38 pet-friendly hotels in Whittier, and guests can choose to find fantastic rooms and excellent service. Conveniently located off the freeway, this Nevada City, CA hotel is just a few miles from the Sacramento airport, the hot tub of California. To find a great room with excellent service, guests can choose from one of the many restaurants and bars on site, as well as a variety of spa facilities.

There are a number of great asphalt trails for the whole family, such as the mountain bike trail, we call it the way up the mountains.

California Mt. Take it to the next level by heading to a Napa hotel that has a hot tub, or book a hotel room with a private room and hot tub.

United South Shore Inn offers an en suite room with a hot tub, private shower, private pool and spa. Bebe is the best place in California to stay for a holiday, with rooms with hot baths.

You can stay at Truckee Falls Inn, which features a hot tub, private shower and private pool and spa, and stay at one of the best hotels in the area for an autumn stay with hot baths and a private spa.

The king-size rooms have spa tubs for 2 people and there is a longer stay on Interstate 85. You can also book at the Newport Mesa Inn, located just a few miles from the California State Fairgrounds in Newport Beach, California. This is a one night stay with private pool, private shower and private spa and you will be accommodated in one of the best hotels in the area with hot tubs, hot showers and a spa.

The San Francisco Inn is located just a few miles from the California State Fairgrounds in San Mateo, California, and just over a mile from Interstate 85 in Marin County.

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More About Mountain View