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From remote mountain huts to coastal hostels, Northern California has some pretty unusual hotels and B & Bs that will make your stay memorable. Tucked away in the woods and just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Cypress Inn in Half Moon Bay, California is a popular weekend destination. Located in Shelter Cove on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California's Lost Coast region, this hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites, some of which feature a private balcony, private pool and even a restaurant and bar. Some suites have amenities such as a pool, a wellness and fitness centre or even an outdoor pool with sea views.

Since Napa Valley is the wine capital of California, each room is equipped with a private wine cooler. California Mt. Go to the next level by going down to this Napa hotel, which has a hot tub. Book your hotel room with private room and spa bath or book a room in the private rooms with spa bath.

Other great ways to stay affordable are staying at one of the best hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area, such as the Monterey Bay Marriott Hotel.

The Homewood Suites at Hilton Wallingford Meriden feature an indoor pool with kitchen and are a great choice for families with young children and young adults. Other great options for a family getaway include the Monterey Bay Marriott Hotel with its courtyard pool and outdoor terrace, and the Hilton Garden Inn in San Francisco.

In the central Napa Valley wine country, Hotel Healdsburg is a family-run 39-room, two-bedroom, three-bathroom hotel that also features a private home. It overlooks the site where the Post family ranch has sat for over a century since it opened to guests.

To find amazing rooms and excellent service, guests can choose from a variety of private rooms, private suites and even a private dining room. On average, it costs $191 per night, but if you're looking for something really special, a one-bedroom, two-bathroom, three-bathroom room at the Healdsburg Hotel costs $603 per night, based on The average price for a two-bedroom, four-bathroom Napa Valley hotel is $331 a day, or $1,000 a week.

If you're staying in Napa Valley this fall, you can stay at the Truckee Hotel, a one-bedroom, two-bathroom, three-bathroom hotel with a private dining room, for $1,500 a day or $2,000 a week, according to Staying in a four or five-bed San Francisco Bay Area hotel in the fall and winter costs $4,200 a night and $3,300 a month, respectively.

Learn more about the HGI and find the right place for your next trip in the Locations Finder for more information about hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more at More - H GI and find the right thing for your next trips to locations

Learn more at More - H GI and check the Locations Finder for more information about hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area to find the right one for your next trip.

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The hotel is located on the main street parallel to the 101 Freeway, providing access to many attractions. This Nevada City, CA hotel is conveniently located along the freeway and just a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge and Interstate 85. It is a longer stay on Interstate85 and it is just a short drive from San Francisco, San Mateo County and San Jose, California.

The inspiration for the clean and comfortable rooms comes directly from Redwood National Park, which reflects the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area and its natural environment. Northern California is not short of attractions and a relaxed atmosphere, and this is perfect for those who already want to experience it in a relaxed way. The Avenue of Giants is a winding drive to the Golden Gate Bridge and Interstate 85, and a short drive from San Mateo County.

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