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Waymo, a pioneer in autonomous driving, has signed an agreement to sublease a large building in Mountain View, the tech company said Monday. Brian Kohn, executive vice president and general manager of the Waymo office in San Francisco, is marketing the building as a potential location for his new headquarters, according to a brochure distributed by the brokerage firm. Waymos, the pioneer of autonomous driving systems, has signed a contract with a real estate agent to sublease the largest building outside Mountain View for $1.5 million in office space and a second office building across the street for another $500,000, it announced Monday as part of a $2.2 million investment in downtown the city.

Waymo estimates that more than 1,000 employees could work in the building, which it has subleased for $1.5 million in office space and a second office building across the street. The Waymo sublet office buildings, both on the same block in the downtown Mountain View business district, each have about 170,800 square feet. That's about the size that the brochure says could potentially accommodate up to 850 workers.

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